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Testimonials from actual Smoky Mountain Builders customers. We are happy to provide contact information from some of our previous customers.

"First of all I would like to tell you that I was amazed at the beautiful work you have done, I went through the gallery of photos on your web page and they were breathtaking, it makes me feel like I should tear down my home and start from scratch!!!!! I realize by seeing the photos having you do my home is not in anyway like the homes you have in the gallery. My hope however, is that we make it look as grand and beautiful as possiblel"


"Good luck. All is well we love the cabin Phil did an amazing job. So thankful for his crew."


"I don’t think that we had the opportunity to truly thank you for all the work you and your wife did on our property at 913 cedar lane.  I want you to know that it was a total pleasure working with.  We stayed there  a few weeks ago, and can’t get over the craftsmanship you did on our property.  It was truly amazing  the work you did.  I was very impressed with the ease I could speak to each of your contractors.  Everyone was so nice, and seemed to go above and beyond for you.


"If you have a Facebook page, please send it to me so I can like it.  Also, i have several pics that you will probably want for your resume.  I know when you put pics side by side there is a considerable difference on how things look.  We are so pleased, and know we have a place to stay for years to come.  Thanks so much for being a part of our dream."


"We know from here on out, if we decide to purchase another property, you will be the guy we call.  It was a good move on expanding that deck.  It looks amazing and was a good thing to do."

Joe Dan Reed


"Phil Liebo and his crew were so easy to work with. We built our home living out of state, and we were kept up to date on every step of the process.  They sent us pictures so we could see what was happening even though we were not there. They all took pride in the project and were determined to build a quality home.  As we had to make each decision they helped us in any way they could. We love our new home and would highly recommend Smoky Mountain Builders to anyone planning to build.  Thank you Phil, Jennifer, Mike, Patrick, Bill, Steve, Shannon,Jose and all of you from Smoky Mountain Builders."

The Myers

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